Maitha AlKhayat

Emirati author and illustrator in children's literature. spent the first years of her childhood in the United States and the United Kingdom, her passion for children’s books started while she was in middle school in the United Kingdom. Enjoying her time in the quite library environment inspired her to become a young reader, and did not stop reading and writing since. A full time housewife and mother juggling 4 kids on her shoulder did not stop her from pursuing a career in writing for children to spread joy in their hearts and be proud of who they are.



·        Involved in Book readings for Dubai Culture in their summer initiative ‘Our Summer is All About Arts & Culture’ from June 26 to July 21, 2011.

·        Participated in “It’s A Children’s Book Fiesta” by doing book readings, 2011.

·        Participated in Book reading with the “READ MORE” initiative organized by Roads and Traffic Authority in Dubai 2009, 2010.

·        Participated in Book reading and discussion panel in Abu Dhabi International Book fair 2011.

·        Participated in Book reading in Sharjah International Book fair 2010, Sharjah Children's Book Fair, 2012.

·        Participated in book readings in Ras Al Khaimah International Book Fair 2011.

·        UAEBBY Ambassador representative during Bologne International Bookfair 2012

·        UAEBBY Board Member from 2013

·        Participated in Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2012

·        Participated in the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in 2012, 2013 and soon in 2014