Rima Zuhair AlKurdi

Founder and writer of Jana reading program to teach reading skills in Arabic
Rima Zuhair al-Kurdi
Wife and mother of three sons
Jordanian of Palestinian origin, and resident in Saudi Arabia
MA in Arabic from Yarmouk University, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Student in the doctoral program, University of Medina, Malaysia. Arabic language specialization
Director of the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Education in primary and early childhood. Qatar Foundation for Science and Community Development in Qatar, 1997-2008.
Evaluation Officer for Reading Skills in the Comprehensive Test of Qatar, with the Assessment Panel at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA and the Supreme Education Council of the State of Qatar. 2003-2005
A certified trainer from Baccalaureate International since 2011, to train baccalaureate programs. And in Arabic and English.
An accredited teacher of reading arts (for learning and teaching reading and writing skills for students in school) from the ISS, since 2013, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
Won first place as a business leader in Jana reading project, from the Project Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.