Amer moghrabi

Artist Amer Maghrabi
A storyboard and plastic artist
Member of the Syrian Plastic Artist's Union in Damascus
Born in Damascus 1982
The artist Amer Maghrabi got a deep artistic study of various art sciences.
In 1998 he studied art at the Adham Ismail Governmental Institute.
Amer Mughrabi started his career in the animation industry in a professional manner with Al-Najm Productions Company,
He received the position of a master moving painter in the traditional style of classical moving on paper.
He has many contributions to short films and serials: "Bah Ya Bah","A burden on who is proud" film, "Sinbad Al Arabi" series.
He turned to the storyboard and was the designer of characters and main ambience of many important works in Al-Najm Company.
He produced a cartoon work in the style of fixed drawings entitled Al-Siraj Al-Munir narrated the noble biography of the Prophet, presented in 2007 on Al-Resala channel. He was the painter, designer and general director of the work.
The artist Amer Maghrabi worked with the Syrian magazine Niloofar from the beginning and presented the work of illustrated stories that won the admiration of the public, especially the youngsters category. He received an international award from the State of Japan for his work "The Game of the Mighty"
Amer Moghrabi also designed the character of the Knight(Fares)of the Future Knight magazine and presented the finest works of storyboard and illustrations with the magazine within the section of global stories, including Spartacus - Mobi Dick - Atilla Huni - Fahrenheit - Open Andalus - Sea monsters - and other masterpieces of world literature.
He presented an individual exhibition of the storyboard art at the University of Kalamoun.
The artist Amer Moghrabi was the artistic director and painter of the cartoon work Tish Ayal on MBC channel.
He worked with the American company "Blue Water" and presented some comic books in the world style
In addition to his work in the field of animation and storytelling, Amer Maghrabi is a lover of painting and plastic art. He has a unique experience in plastic arts and painting and has participated in exhibitions in Germany and Canada.