No Problem .. Your Health is Fine

Author : Dogo Qeran

Illustrator : Yuser Al Abbaychi

ISBN : 9789948391173

Year : 2018

Age Range : 9-12

Price : $ 6.80

"If we feel tired or hurt something, what do we usually do, we certainly go to the doctor, we want to put our bodies in the hands of those who are the most understanding and understanding of her condition ... In fact, we do not trust the doctor as much as we trust in his knowledge and experience . Hassan! Do you know where he has this science? The basis of modern and contemporary medical information dates back to research conducted hundreds of years ago. If so, how was such medical research done? How were doctors found under ancient times hundreds of years ago? In what ways and means were patients treated? You will find in the folds of this book wonderful answers to such questions? "