Sarah - Is It Easy to Become President?

Author : Bresan Akem Aozan

Illustrator : Aosra Aogondi Baker

ISBN : 9786140212756

Year : 2017

Age Range : 9-12

Price : $ 5.40

I ran back to the classroom, the teacher was recorded in her schoolbook. "You teacher, they will elect a president of the school." She answered me without looking at me: "Yes, the elections on Thursday." "Who will be the president?" "How do I know who will win the election?" "No, I did not mean that, I mean, would he be a student or a professor?" "My pupil". I felt very happy when I heard that. I took a high lift outside the row. I would have done as much as possible to become the principal. I needed to win the votes of the students. "Sarah decided to run for the position of head of school, learning a lot about leadership and responsibility, and she wanted to help her friends and make her school a better place.