Sarah - Let's Go To Work

Author : Bresan Akem Aozan

Illustrator : Aosra Aogondi Baker

ISBN : 9786140215108

Year : 2017

Age Range : 9-12

Price : $ 5.40

Bravo! We'll take a holiday. Fifteen days without homework, without getting up early or choking to sleep early! I love holidays so much and I'm sure it will be better than I can imagine! My mother works, so she is worried about my stay at home for two weeks and a day. Someone has to take care of me during her absence, but I'm not a little girl. I love to stay alone at home. My grandparents will come and take care of me, but they will not come in the first two days of the week because they will be busy. On Sundays and Mondays I will have to go somewhere else. Who does not want to watch his family's film during the holiday? But Sarah did not just make a film of her own. All she wanted was to help her father, who worked a lot.