Author : Adel-Kerboushi

Illustrator : Adel Kerboushi

ISBN : 9789948138815

Year : 2016

Age Range : 9-12

Price : $ 6.80

He always comes with the light, a story of Hareez take place in those shadows, in a world full of secret organizations and communities whom fight since ancient ages under darkness to destroy the humanity. With increasing flow of darkness, a loyal defenders have appeared to face this challenge and they spend their lives to face the coming darkness, so until now they fought successfully, the darkness could not beat the light yet. Hareez story located in world of folklore, myths, legends area hidden reality, not only an imagination. A world where charm, monsters, evil and welfare express themselves in reality, Hareez’s world may similar to ours, but still imagination, where the story before we sleep come from.