Tales of Mom Goose

Author : charles perrault

ISBN : 9789948171430

Year : 2013

Age Range : 12-15

Price : $ 9.50

The young prince was filled with excitement, and without any hesitation he became determined to see the beautiful adventure through. Driven by a desire for love and glory, he resolved to investigate the place. The prince made his way into a great courtyard paved with marble, and mounted the staircase to enter the guardroom. Here the guards were lined up on either side in ranks, their muskets on their shoulders, snoring their hardest. Through several apartments crowded with sleeping ladies and gentlemen, some seated, some standing, he pushed on, and so came at last to a chamber decked all over with gold. There he encountered the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Reclining upon a bedwas a princess of fifteen or sixteen, whose radiant beauty had an almost unearthly lustre.Trembling in his admiration he drew near and fell to his knees beside her.