Throbs of the poetic heart - English

Author : Shihab Ganim

ISBN : 9789948495376

year : 2017

PRICE : $ 5.40

"Poems of thirty-three poets and poets of various nationalities and languages, participated in the Heart Festival Shaarey in Dubai during its first four years (2012-2015), with a short introductory profile of each one of them. The poets were arranged according to their date of birth and were chosen for each of the Arab poets Two poems. Non-Arab poets were included in the text or texts translated into Arabic, and most texts In the book of poems delivered at the festival. The poetic heart festival aims to create bridges between peoples through poetry and music Songs, and the songs of the festival revolves around the topics of peace and human love and understanding between Peoples and environmental protection in addition to the theme of the mother in the third festival, the theme of friendship in Fourth Festival "