Sarah – Salami and Chocolate Surprise

Sarah – Salami & Chocolate Surprise

“We are all very confused when we are waiting for a new teacher. I opened my sketchbook and sketched the front colors.I could not wait; I drew the sun disk in the top right corner of the page. And while I was the color of the sun I drew open . Suddenly the door came in. A short man, full of hands and arms, was carrying a bundle of papers under his arm and holding a tape recorder in his hand .Without greeting, he went to the office, put the papers and the recording machine on it, and looked for the power socket until he ran the recording machine. Everyone was very impressed, but I was the most surprised among them.
What ambush Sarah and her friends do in the nightmare of waiting for the new teacher? Maybe their ambush did a lot of .Things, but they chose the easiest and most unusual ways.”

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