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I Am Salma

I Am Salma

There is a palace of Dather and a saboteur. You will think that you entered the wrong palace, but you will continue your way because that is nothing but funding for the real palace.
Inside the palace covered with dust, and thorns intertwining in the face of your steps, continue your path, and you will discover that this is nothing but a temporary illusion, which fades as you continue your walk.
If Salma is not scared and does not come, she will continue her way without feeling the tingling of those imaginary thorns. The doors will clap, the windows will flutter open, then close by themselves, the shabby and worn out curtains will flap, perhaps wrapping around your body, to throw terror into your heart, while the remnants of old furniture will compete in Squeaking, walking around, as if they are free-spirited creatures, do not fear a chair that seems to be thrown crudely towards you, for it will not strike you.
You will hear my voice. I am Salma El Wardia, the author of myths. I am telling you about amazing places. I will talk to you about strange, mysterious and confusing creatures that raise your questions.
What do you call our proverbs? Dreamers, poets, or imaginations, myths, strangers … storytellers ?!

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