Snow White & Other Tales

Snow White & Other Tales

Tiny lifted her gaze and saw on the opposite bank a beautiful woman with strange wings. Her companion was a scary gnome, and together they laughed and mocked her.When she’d regained control of herself, the woman said, “You probably believe your reflection to be pretty, do you not? Little girl, maybe you are even amazed by your beauty, but with your little feet you stomp on things more beautiful and perfect than yourself. If you forever remain so snooty, you will never be happy, and you will be the laughing stock of all peoples. Anyway, I wish to teach you a lesson that could hopefully affect you and heal this illness of yours. I will grant you two wings that will help you find the truth. They will not last for long, but they will enable you to realise that conceitedness is not proper, and you will discover that for yourself when you see it in others.”

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